Linguistically as well, Scholars have presented a deeper perspective on the word Rudraksha. Rudrakasha is a fusion of two Sanskrit words Rudra and Aksha. Rig Veda, one of the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism, defines Rudra as someone or something that eradicates adversities (Rukh draavayathi iti rudraha).

The word Aksha summates the start and end of the 51 letters (matrikas) in Sanskrit that begin with Aa and end with Ksha. Sanskrit language, the language of Gods and divine scriptures, is the most potent script. Each of the 51 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, when pronounced, has the power to manifest a unique energy.

These letters are the force behind the powerful Vedic mantras. Collectively, the sounds of these letters define the form of the supreme Goddess. Therefore, the word Aksha, beginning with A, the first letter of Sanskrit, and ending with Ksha, the last letter of Sanskrit, represents the power of the supreme Goddess herself. This is analogous to the divine powers of chanting Aum which is considered the 52nd letter.

Rudra-aksha beads hold the power to remove adversities from the wearer's life as they possess the full spectrum of the divine energies of the supreme Goddess. The power of Aum resides in these beads making them a naturally available jewel to generate positivity in life.