Rudraksha beads work in synchronization with chakras, the 'vortices of energy' within our body. Life is Energy. We are not just physical bodies. There is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field, almost a rainbow-like aura, a luminous, universal, 'subtle-energy' life force that surrounds us and circulates through us. This brings us the experience of Life. The chakras within us are the concentrated spirals of energy through which this universal energy flows. There are seven main (and a number of smaller) chakras located along our spine, from the base to the crown, that represent distinct frequencies within the universe. These chakras interact with the auric electromagnetic energy and transform it into energy that interacts with our body's glands and lymphatic system.

Chakras feed us good energy and dispose-off unwanted energy. It is believed that Rudraksha beads nourish our chakras in the 'correct way' and enhance our general health to help create an 'illness free and disease free' life. Rudraksha beads when in contact with the body, have a harmonizing effect as they begin to energize the chakras and bring them to their perfectly balanced state by the Law Of Resonance. Each chakra has a seed (bija) frequency associated with it. Often times, this correlation is visually represented by the Sanskrit letters that are shown imprinted upon the chakras in Yogic and tantric literature. The frequencies emitted by carefully selected Rudraksha beads resonate with the seed frequencies of the chakras of the wearer.

This opens up any blockage in chakras, allowing the energy to flow back and forth between the wearer and the universe which has a direct correlation to the total health and wellbeing that the wearer experiences.

Wearers of Rudraksha beads attest that the beads create a positive outlook in life resulting in tangible benefits. The beads enhance energies that deal with major aspects of life such as: health and wellbeing, satisfaction, courage, affluence, creativity, intuitive ability, abundance, harmony in relationships, attraction, self- empowerment, and nirvana. Those who face obstacles, failures and suffer from emotional setbacks or those who are seeking self-empowerment, healing, and success can directly and effectively benefit by wearing a Rudraksha.